Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting started

You know, life has cycles, sun has cycles, even moon does have cycles. So, can my blogging activity have cycles?

Actually yes. 

It's been a long time ago when I've started to blog about my daily fun and not so fun life. Then the first cycle came along and my activity took a nap for about 2 years. Then again I've started to post some more texts and next cycle has been completed. Mostly it was about life'n'stuff but things have changed. It was time for another cycle.

My professional life has to come to the point that if I want to become more than I am right now, I have to share the knowledge I posses and also need to gain a more knowledge from the community of other passionate people. The "getting to be known" factor is also important. If you're known by no one, it's hard to get assignment or even a permanent job :-) 

This does not mean that I'm unhappy in my current role, it just means that I would like to be known as someone who could have answers to your questions. Because I love to help. And because I need to learn. And best way to learn is to listen to the other's people issues, experience and ideas. That always helped me to grow and will always help. You never learn something new if you are locked in your own world alone.

I hope that this blog will help you in the future to solve issues or bring new ideas that you could use or at least appreciate.


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